San Luis Obispo Residence | Part 2 - The Design

This is part 2 in a series about the design and construction of a new residence is San Luis Obispo.

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The Design

The clients had a very specific set of parameters, with unique features, but especially preferred room adjacencies that they were striving for so it was a fun puzzle…intricate. They had performed a high level of research and self education to help define their wants/needs/tastes and architectural preferences.  

The Style

The building style is to be Contemporary Ranch. We are going for a crisp, white contemporary ranch house. This includes steep roof pitches and smaller gables. Vaulted ceilings at main spaces/great room. With this Ranch home, we are really striving for the indoor/outdoor feel/California living/lifestyle/flow.  Maximizing views in nearly all directions.

The Process

Unique to the process was the level of customization with/for the Clients – it really drove the design. The Client’s were also very receptive to feedback/suggestions which was helpful, and ultimately the Clients were very happy with the layout which was is very rewarding.